Alumni Outreach & Mentorship

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The Alumni Networking and Outreach Program Director will be responsible for establishing an entirely new program serving the students of San Marcos High School. Many graduates maintain their connection and nostalgia for San Marcos through the specific teachers and/or programs that were responsible for having a dramatic impact on the development of their interests and ultimately their lives. One of the programs with the most dramatic impact on students is Kids Helping Kids. A strong network of KHK alumni has developed over the years and continues to grow with each graduating class. These alumni maintain a strong connection with their teacher Jamie DeVries, and still heed the call for support every year when Kids Helping Kids is in full swing.

Additionally, the Alumni Networking and Outreach Program Director will be ideally situated to connect existing San Marcos students with alumni who are studying or have begun their careers in career fields that align with student interests. This will provide current students with a unique perspective on future career paths and college decisions. This mentorship will continue to strengthen the bond of San Marcos graduates with their school and encourage them to give back and support throughout their lives.

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