Campus Beautification

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Maintaining an attractive campus is a huge undertaking that includes: repainting our buildings, facilites and structures, improving landscaping, and making upgrades that improve the quality of life for all students.

A growing body of research has linked views of nature with restoration from mental fatigue and stress reduction. Analyses has revealed consistent and systematically positive relationships between nature exposure and student performance. Specifically, views with greater quantities of trees and shrubs from cafeteria as well as classroom windows are positively associated with standardized test scores, graduation rates, percentages of students planning to attend a four-year college, and fewer occurrences of criminal behavior.

The Foundation is raising money to address areas in need of upgrades and will continue to expand the area of focus during the coming years.

If you would like to make a non-monetary donation in the form of volunteer work or supplies, please contact Matt Laband at the Royal Pride Foundation.

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