Computer Science Program

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Computer science is tightly linked with science and mathematics standards-based courses. The pathway will provide students with an entirely new and ongoing elective curriculum option with the opportunity to earn Advanced Placement credit.

Computer science integrates standards-based elements of English and Social Studies. The pathway curriculum will cover ethical and social issues in computing, including: positive and negative impacts of computing on human culture, net neutrality, freedom of information, and proprietary and open-source standards.

The Computer Science Pathway will serve 35 students in terms 3 and 4 of the 2015-16 school year; and expand to serve approximately 175 students per year in subsequent school years. The pathway will be available to all students with three elective course offerings including: Advanced Placement Computer Science, Coding with Java, and Introduction to Programming in Python.

Long-term goals for the pathway include:

  • Develop and expand into an educational pathway consisting of three classes.
  • A job shadow and internship program with local technology based businesses.
  • Post-secondary pathway transition into two and four year colleges and universities.

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