Entrepreneurship Academy



The Academy will provide students with the knowledge, skills and experience to springboard their own entrepreneurial visions into action through rigorous coursework, relevant experience in local business community partnerships and student run business ventures.  Upon completion of the Academy, students will have the foundation to effectively create their own business and/or successfully pursue a business related college degree.

The Entrepreneurship Academy will create an entirely new and innovative curriculum that will equip the next generation of civic and business leaders with the tools to successfully develop their own business ideas. Starting with the sophomore year, students will be engaged in a prescribed three-year course of study in entrepreneurship that expands their ability to spot opportunity, assess risks involved, and understand how to start and operate a small business.

The Entrepreneurship Academy has a variety of funding needs as well as opportunities for community partnerships and recognition. If you are interested in investing in this unique educational experience please contact the San Marcos High School Royal Pride Foundation.

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