Performing Arts Programs

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The San Marcos High School Performing Arts consists of three programs: Instrumental Music taught by Michael Kiyoi, Vocal Music taught by Carolyn Teraoka-Brady, and Theatre Arts taught by Riley Berris.

Instrumental Music

Marching Band performs outdoors in conjunction with the flag-and-rifle twirling Color Guard, and consists of musicians playing drums, horns, and woodwind instruments, as well as a stationary front ensemble consisting of larger percussion instruments and timpani. During spring semester students can participate in Wind Ensemble, Percussive Theater, Concert Band, and Jazz Band. The music program also provides instrumental support for the Spring Musical.

Vocal Music

Madrigals and Enchante are part of the San Marcos High School Vocal Department and have been directed for the past twelve years by Carolyn Teraoka-Brady. In addition to the previous groups, Mrs. Teraoka-Brady also directs the the Royal Knights men's ensemble, A Cappella Choir, and Girls Chorus. Mrs. Teraoka-Brady also serves as the Vocal Director for the San Marcos Performing Arts Department spring musical.

Theater Arts

Stage Craft, Playwriting, and Play Production are all components of the San Marcos High School Theatre Arts Department and have been lead by David Holmes for the past 29 years. Mr. Holmes also teaches Theatre Arts 1-4, Advanced Theatre Arts and SDAIE Theatre, in addition to directing the Spring Musical.

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